Are you tired and worn out from using pharmaceutical drugs, that deteriorate your health in the long term from undesired side effects. This often leads many to take medication to counteract the side effects of medication being used to treat the initial illness. It ends up being a vicious cycle of taking one drug to fix the symptoms of the other drug, which leads to unnecessary expenditures on medication.

Pain Relief

Swollen and painful joints can affect a person’s quality of life adversely, by limiting one’s ability to move and function. Pharmaceutical drugs are not the only way to treat pain. We have pioneered all natural pain relief ointments that are applied externally.

No Side Effects

There are numerous plants that we have collated which have natural pain relief qualities that are effective in reducing joint and neuropathic pain, by acting on sensory receptors that help to turn down or block the feeling of pain.

More often than not the nutrients and minerals that a person gets from food eaten don’t end up going to the skin for nourishment in quantities required. This deficiency enables diseases and illnesses to take root and thrive, as the body does not have enough nutrients to prevent disease or fight it off, hence the symptoms worsen. Applying ointments to the skin allows it to get nourished directly with sufficient nutrients.

Arthritis shouldn't prevent you from living
Pain Management
Live Life

Using our topical oils or ointments is great way of providing most of the minerals the skin and muscles need to function at optimum or maintain the skins health.

Our Skin Care Therapy range of products includes the




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For daily use, in the morning and in the evening

Can be used up to four times a day.

Highly concentrated serum for use when pain is debilitating or severe.


R1499 / R2399

Both ointments work to relieve individuals of the pain, swelling & inflammation caused by arthritis. The ointments are able to relieve arthritis symptoms within 24hours of application. The ointment also reduces swelling and inflammation on the area applied, by nourishing the skin and muscles to improve it’s natural resistance against arthritis symptoms.


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